Extrusion blow molding machine gas-liquid

Extrusion blow molding machine features:

1: This extrustion blow molding machine is suitable for blow molding of different raw materials such as PP, PE, EVA, PS, ABS, TPR, TPV, etc..

2: X series is our company’s first new combination of gas-liquid blow molding machine, which has advatages of excellent performance, stable running, easy operation, affordable price and so on.

3: This machine is suitable for medicine bottles, bar wash bottles, oil cans, plastic toys, cosmetics bottles, beverage bottles, chemical hardware, etc..

4: Can produce 5ML-10000ML applicable to many types of plastic hollow products.

5: Hydraulic system: optimized hydraulic circuit design, stable operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, hydraulic components using internationally renowned brands, installation and maintenance easy.

Extrusion blow molding machine technical parameters:

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