Blow mould machine:

Blow mould machine

Blow mould machine

1, Blow mould machine is suitable for the production of 200ML-10L plastic hollow products, the use of elbow clamping system, low energy consumption, center clamping, high clamping force, fast speed, also running more smoothly.

2, We adopt pening and closing system: specially balance of the clamping mechanism design, making the use of high-pressure clamping, clamping force placed in the center of the mould template, high clamping force, open-type strong lock template, even if the extra wide mold is installed very well.

3, Die system: are used of high end superior 38CrMaALA materials, after precision machining and go through heat treatment.

4, Blow mould machine hydraulic system: fully hydraulic double proportional hydraulic control, equipped with imported famous brand hydraulic valve and oil pump, which is stable and reliable.

5, Automatic flashing device: in addition to overflow device can accurately remove the excess material products, and has a straight push-type device in addition to overflow and rotary knife overflow device, the real realization of manual operation of fully automatic equipment.

Blow mould machine technical parameter:

Blow mould machine technical parameter

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