Blow molding machines-high speed bent arm type, BU series:

Blow molding machines introduction:

1, This high speed blow molding machines is suitable for producing 200ML-10L plastic hollow products, using elbow locking system, low energy consumption, central locking mode, hihg clamping force, fast speed, stable operation.

2, Blow molding machines mold system: special design of balance lock mould mechanism, using high pressure mode locking, the lock force in the template template center, strong clamping force, open type locking plate, even if super wide mold also can be installed. We produce mold by ourseves, the blow molding machines mold material can be steel or can be aluminum.

3, Die head system: adopt 38CrMaALA and other superior materials, made by precision processing and heat treatment.

4, Hydraulic system: full hydraulic dual proportional hydraulic control, equipped with imported brand-name hydraulic valve and oil pump, stable and reliable.

5, Automatic edge-remove device: the overflow device can precisely remove the residual material of the product, and has a direct push overflow device and a rotary knife type overflow removing device, so as to realize the automatic equipment without manual operation.

GANG MU blow molding machines advantages:

1. Screw center axis and cylinder made of 38CrMoAlA chromium, molybdenum, aluminum alloy by nitrogen treatment, with features of high thickness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance and so on.

2. Die by chrome plating, screw adopts mandrel structure so that material discharge is more uniform and smooth, better to complete the thin film. The complex structure film blowing machine makes the output gas more uniform. The lifting unit adopts a square frame platform structure, and the height of the lifting frame can be automatically adjusted according to different technical requirements.

3. Materail unloading equipment using peeled rotary equipment and center rotating equipment, and the torque motor to adjust the film smoothness, ease of operation.

BU80 desctription

Blow molding machines

Blow molding machines

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  1. Kagiso
    Kagiso says:

    Good day
    I’m interested on your products. Can you please send me quotation of your blow moulding/extrusion machines prices
    Thank you

  2. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I’m interested on your products. Can you please send me quotation of your blow moulding/extrusion machines prices
    Thank you

  3. Mr. Ezzedine Aziz
    Mr. Ezzedine Aziz says:

    Hello. May i request the quotations for Blow Molding Machine and an Oil Filling Machine for ten (10) liters and twenty (20) liters Jerry cans container and HDPE (High Density Polyethelene) materials other information are listed below:
    Dimensions: Length Height Width
    Ten (10) Liters 22.5 cm 29.5 cm 19.5 cm
    Twenty (20) Liters 27 cm 39 cm 23 cm
    This is a One Product production for three hundred (300) to four hundred (400) pieces/hour/year and a production time of one hundred forty four (144) hours/day/week. Please let us know if you also customized any machines in your company.Thank you.

  4. Thắng
    Thắng says:

    Tôi đang quan tâm đến máy đúc thổi có ký hiệu: XCBA-120S của Hãng Zhangjiagang Xinchuang machinery Co., ltd
    Bạn có Cataloge, xin gửi cho mình để mình xem xét thông số và báo cáo lãnh đạo lựa chọn


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