Blow molding machine introduction: BC series:

Blow molding machine BC 80

Blow mold machine introduction:

1: linear guide support single mold, after finite element analysis and design to ensure that clamping force is sufficient, not swelling mode.

2: Super large open stroke, center lock the mold, clamping force equilibrium, no deformation.

3: High-precision non-fusion line storage-type die, change color convenience, equipped with servo wall thickness control system to improve product quality and reduce production cost.

4: Optional multi-function blowing mechanism, robot for automatic take product robot and other auxiliary devices, to achieve high degree of automation of production process.

5: All models are equipped with safety protection grating to ensure safety of production process without accidents.

Blow mold machine parameters:

20-50L blow moulding machine of chemical barrels large storage

Blow molding machine category:

Blow molding machine can be divided into extrusion blow molding machine, injection machine and special structure type three categories. Stretch blow molding machines belong to each of these above categories.

Extrusion blow molding machine is a combination of extruder and blow molding machine and clamping mechanism, which consists of extruder and preform die, inflation device, clamping mechanism, parison thickness control system and transmission mechanism. Parison die is one of the important parts to determine the quality of blow molded products, usually have side feed die and central feed die. Large-scale products extrusion blow molding normally adopts storage cylinder type parison die. The smallest cylinder storage capacity of 1kg, up to 240kg. Parison thickness control device used to control parison wall thickness, control points can up to 128 points.

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  1. Bassam Hashimi
    Bassam Hashimi says:

    Dear sirs
    I would like to purchase a 30 liter plastic blowing machine (BC-30)
    Please provide me with technical information with real pictures and video recording.
    Please provide me the best price CIF of Latakia /Syria

    Best regards,
    Bassam Hashimi

  2. Kimathi Arithi
    Kimathi Arithi says:

    Dear all,
    I would like to purchase a 30 litre blowing machine and request for technical information with pictures and video recording.
    send me also the best price for this type.


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