Blow mold machine BS Series:

Special - shaped bulk storage type automatic blow molding machine

Blow mold machine features:

1: Double the overall mobile open and close mold mechanism, to ensure the clamping force is sufficient, the maximum can produce 50L hollow products, which improve equipment efficiency by 60% than traditional single-station machine.

2: Double mixing screw, length to diameter ratio L/D=28:1, ensure appearance of renewable plastic can achieve smooth results.

3: The die is made of 38CRMOALA after deep nitriding heat treatment, and side direction double-bag single-cylinder center inject/storage material head to ensure the uniform wall thickness of the product, easy to change color.(Optional continuous double-bag center feed die).

4: Optional multi-function blowing mechanism, robot of automatic take the product and other auxiliary devices, to achieve complete automation.

5: Hydraulic system double proportional control, the whole system of hydraulic valves using imported valves, imported seals, imported hydraulic pump.

Blow mold machine briefly overview of operation principle:

When blow mold machine in the blown film production process, the film thickness uniformity is a key indicator, which the vertical thickness uniformity can be controlled by the stability of extrusion and traction speed. While blow mold machine film horizontal thickness is generally based on die manufacturing precision. And with the change of production process parameters, in order to improve the film thickness uniformity,it is necessary to introduce automatic horizontal thickness control system, the common control methods are automatic die and automatic air ring.

Blow mold machine automatic air ring basic principle:

The structure of the automatic wind ring adopts double tuyere mode, in which air volume of lower tuyere is kept constant, and the upper tuyere circle is divided into several wind channels on the circumference.

Each wind channel is composed of air chamber, valve, motor and other parts, control the size of each duct air volume. In the control process, the film thickness signal is detected by the thickness probe and transmitted to the computer. The computer compares the thickness signal with the current average thickness, and calculates the displacement according to the thickness deviation and the trend of the curve, controls the motor to drive the valve to move. On the contrary, the motor moves in the reverse direction and the tuyere increases. By changing the air volume at each point on the circumference of the air ring, the cooling rate at each point is adjusted so that the lateral thickness deviation of the film is controlled within the target range .

Blow mold machine technical parameter:

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